With supplier costs and RRPs constantly changing it is a good idea to review the Reprice column of the orders screen before receiving your order.

The Reprice ‘value’ displayed in this column shows you what the new Sell Price would become if you chose to reprice these items and is calculated from the reprice method & markup % (or RRP) as set in the product stock card. 


NB:  Repricing takes into consideration Reprice rounding and margins as specified in Pricing Parameters and also Psychological Pricing settings.

A RED Reprice value suggests that a Sell price increase is required for this product to meet the reprice markup % or RRP as set in its stock card. 

A BLACK Reprice value indicates no change from current Sell Price. 

A GREEN Reprice value indicates a decrease from current Sell Price.

0.00 indicates that the sell price may change to zero and your reprice options should be reviewed, eg the item Reprice method set to RRP but the RRP field itself is set as 0.00


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