Is there something your medicine wholesaler has told you, that you need to know when you create an order?

YES...Set up a Supplier Note to remind you.

For example

You have been told that one of the medicines you regularly order is only available as short dated stock. The wholesaler has advised that they will not take returns of overordered packs.

A timely message to check the usage and med log on this medicine in any new order may be worthwhile as well as perhaps putting a specific note on the medicine itself.

How to set the message up

2. Stock Control

3. Edit Supplier and select the wholesaler.

Enter the required reminder text to the Notes >Tick Prompt.

The effect....

When a new order is created for this supplier (wholesaler), pressing F12 Accept at the order type screen (eg daily order), triggers the display of the message that has been set up. Once this is cleared the actual items to be ordered will come up as usual.

This may be enough to remind the staff member checking and editing the order to take special care ordering a particular medicine.