Do you know how to get the prescription subsidy count for a whole family?

Verifying the PSC or Exemption Count for a Family

Mr Baggins visits the pharmacy and says that he should be exempt because the other members of his family have had prescriptions from another pharmacy.   You check his family and they are all on your database, but none of them have had any prescriptions from your pharmacy.

How do you efficiently check the family combined prescription count?

With one of the family (Mr Baggins) selected on Prescription entry screen:

  • Press F2 Edit Patient
  • Press F9 Family
  • Press F9 PSC Lookup

The lookup will show the counts for each of the family members.

These can be totalled and entered into the external count for your patient with a note, or individually entered against each family member.

NB: The PSC Lookup will only work if ALL the family have NHI numbers

Always remember to check the family first, in the example above it is likely that Sarah should have been unlinked since she is 19 years old.