A mixture ingredient has been delisted. How do I find which mixtures need to be updated with the new listing?

1.  To review the mixture formulations that contain the ingredient, run the Mixtures report for that medicine.

3. Reports

3. Medicine Reports

1. Mixtures

Select the ingredient medicine as 'containing med' & press F12

Print the report. If there are a lot of mixtures, don’t do anything until you have reviewed the ingredient medicine’s usage log..

2. To see the dispensing history use F6 Med log. ‘Purple’ log entries relate to mixture dispensing and the mixture name is shown in the detail below the log window (when patient is selected).

Go to 2. Stock Control

4. Maintain Medicine

Select the ingredient and press F6 Med Log.

3. Reference to the report helps identify mixtures that should be varied to change the delisted ingredient. These might be those with outstanding repeats and any that are being regularly dispensed.