Who can be assessed?

Patients not living in registered homes for the elderly who have at least one long term condition (2 points) AND an identifiable adherence issue (10 points). (NB: Not patients living in registered community residential care facilities, or in prison).

Can assessments be requested?

GP’s can request an LTC assessment. Existing NASC and MUR’s may indicate an assessment need.

How to do the evaluation?

Check all relevant LTC patient conditions have been added - Edit patient, F11, Add Cond.  Use Patient Notes, F10 Other, load the LTC2 Evaluation template. Patients must score at least 20 points and have a valid NHI to be eligible.

What must the patient do?

Sign the consent form. Then you can load and print the LTC5 Registration template (will automatically fill with basic patient detail and be stored in computer), OR manually file DHB form.

Anything else?

A medicines management plan must be agreed with the patient and be available to the patient’s primary care provider. LTC3 and LTC4 templates.

Admin is complete, now what?

Set the patient’s LTC START DATE (F3 LTC/Services, L - LTC Details). Once this date is set Rx items are claimed as being supplied under the LTC service. The MOH will use this to populate an enrolment database with this data.

Should I be doing anything else?

Check LTC relevant conditions are accurate whenever patient is seen. Setup regular reminders to contact and track patient progress. Ensure regular patient diary entries show service is being delivered. Be familiar with the terms of the service protocol to avoid audit issues.

How do I find suitable patients?

Patient Bulk Edit is useful for finding potential LTC patients, click here for instructions

How do I find a link to the 'Guide to the Community Pharmacy Long Term Conditions Service' (Sept 2014)?