How can I get a list of my Southern Cross members and the number of Rx items they've had in the last 6 months?

Use Patient Bulk Edit

From the Dispensary Main Menu

  • 9. Other
  • 2. Bulk Edit Patients
  • F3 Add
  • Enter a date into the period start date e.g (28/02/2020)
  • F11 Next Page
  • Tick Insurance status 'Insured' (bottom of left criteria column)
  • F11 x3, F12 Accept

Southern Cross members who have had a recent dispensing will be listed. The total number of patients is shown at the top of the screen. Additionally the number of items dispensed to patients is shown.

The list can be

  • Printed using F8.
  • Bulk updated in a variety of ways.
  • Saved to a contact list using F9.