Clarification of LTC Dates; Start Date, End Date, Review date.

There has been a lot of confusion around how these dates should be set, due to the evolving requirements of the proposed LTC registration system that is to be used by MOH and DHB’s. The following may help:

Initial LTC Start Date: Registration date. This should match the date that the first LTC assessment resulted in a score of 20 or more provided that the patient had given consent.

End Date: EXIT Service date. Only set this IF the patient has exited the service. When this is set – the LTC Status should also be set to one of the relevant Exit statuses.

Review Date: The date that the patient should next be reviewed for their annual LTC assessment – to ensure they're still eligible for the service.

NB: Patients can be easily retrieved by Review date in

  • 9. Other
  • 2. Bulk Edit Patients
  • F11 next page  

The review date is also shown on the Rx entry screen for LTC patients.

Notes: It may be the case that pharmacy has set the end date to start date plus12 months, and the review date to the date the patient WAS last reviewed.