When a patient is assessed for the LTC service they must score 20 or more to be eligible. The total score is made up of:

Score 1: LTC Service factors loaded and saved to the patient

If the patient has had the LTC service factors and conditions loaded in Edit Patient, the Toniq program will automatically score them. 

This score is dynamic, if LTC service factors are changed, the score may change.

Score 2: LTC High Risk medicines from patient history

Additionally the program will automatically score High Risk Medicines that exist in recent patient history. 

Again this score is dynamic and will change with the patient history.

Score 3: Hospital Visits

Hospital visits relevant to LTC’s are scored at 5 each. 

These are assessed and recorded manually on the assessment form.

It is important at time of eligibility assessment to record the total score applicable to the patient at that time

Information shown on the Rx Entry screen – and what it means

This patient is identified as receiving the LTC service, and was assessed with an eligibility score of 39 and their annual review must be done by 31 Oct 2013.

LTC service factors loaded on the patient automatically score 29. High risk medicines in patient history provide an ADDITIONALscore of 5 points. 29 + 5 = 34.

Why don’t the scores match? This patient may have had a hospital visit (5 points) recorded at evaluation. 

Equally some other change to their circumstances may have affected the dynamic automatic scoring, some time after they were evaluated.

NB: The scores loaded into the evaluation template at time of assessment and saved in the patient history. Do NOT change and may be referred to by Audit if necessary.