The Problem

Novocare (0800 733 737) notified pharmacies and wholesalers yesterday (fax) of a recall of 2 batches of Glucagen Hypokit with batch numbers:  FS6X537 & FS6X873.  The fax asks pharmacy to contact patients and prescribers, in order to check the batch number on their supply, and to return any stock with these batch numbers to the pharmacy to be replaced. See fax for more information or contact Novocare for more detail.

How Toniq Can Help 

Find patients/prescribers who have had Glucagen Hypokit since Feb 16 

Run a Prescription Details Report:

  1. Main menu, 3 – Reports, 2 – Prescription reports, 2 – Prescription details
  2. Enter “Glucagen Hypokit” and Add F3
  3. Enter Date range of 01/02/16 to current date.
  4. Select medicine Glucagen Hypokit
  5. Tick Patient Name order

The defaults for this report are to show patient name, NHI, address and phone number. The report will show details for all dispensings which include any supply orders to prescribers.

Contact Patients/Prescribers

The prescription details printed report (above) can be used to phone customers and has the detail of the prescriptions issued if needed. 

The patient mailing list can be used to print a mailing label if patients are to be sent the letter supplied by Novocare. The script details to select medicine and date range are on the second page. To print mailing labels be careful to select the label printer type on the ‘print’ page. Go to 3 – Reports, 4 –Patient reports, Patient Mailing list.

The bulk patient edit can be used to produce a contact list of patients.  If the pharmacy is used to emailing patients and/or texting them, it may be appropriate to text/email patients asking them to contact the pharmacy urgently. Go to 9 Other, 2 Bulk Edit Patients.

A combination of contact methods may be needed to advise all patients of the recall.