Which Pricelists am I using?

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 6 Reports, 4 Audit / Utility Reports, 3 General Lists, 7 Price list

  • You can choose to sort your list either Alphabetically or by Date Available

  • Press F10 [View Pages] to view your list or F12 [Print] to Print

  • Once your list is produced compare the Price list Dated column (currently in use) against the Avail. price list dated column (downloaded on your computer)

    NB: If the date in the Available column is newer than the Pricelist Dated column, these pricelists are in need of updating 

How often should I update my Pricelists?

Toniq recommends checking/updating your pricelists at least once a week and prior to starting an order from the supplier/wholesaler. Also prior or during Christmas time and other promotions Toniq recommends checking/updating pricelists on a daily basis.

NB: The Download Pricelist screen is not just updated once a day. We make updated pricelists available to you as soon as they are ready, so checking the Download screen multiple times through a day is not unheard of.

How can I be informed about Price File Changes?

  • Whilst it is a quick easy process to check for available pricelists via the Download screen (just look for the ORANGE ones) Toniq can send out a email about updated pricelists. This is done once a week, generally on a Monday. 

    NB: Some initial setup work is required

  • At the end of every month Toniq create a Pricelist Information page which tells you:
  • which pricelists have changed (with a summary of the changes)
  • any new pricelists available

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY it tells you about:

  • any important changes to Company / Pricelist names and
  • the correct update process.

Where can the information about Pricelist Changes be found?

Information about changes to a Pricelist file can be found in two places:

  1. Download Pricelist Screen
  2. Price list information $PriceListInfo file

Option #1: Viewing directly on the download pricelist screen

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 2 Stock Control, 6 Price lists, Sell-Check, 3 Check/Download Price Lists
  • As you move down the list any additional information for this price file is displayed as ‘Notes’ at the bottom of the screen

Option #2: Downloading and printing the $PriceListInfo file

Full details about changes to all current pricelists can also be viewed and printed from within Retail via Price List Information.

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 2 Stock Control, 6 Pricelist/Sell Check, 3 Check/Download Pricelists
  • Downloading Pricelists/Processing Pricelists.... box will appear on your screen

  • The newest $PriceListInfo downloads automatically

  • Escape once to the Price lists menu
  • Select 4 Price list Information
  • Use the scroll bar to review the entire document

  • And/or Print the information to your report printer by pressing F5 [Print]
    NB: Important information about Pricefile Name changes will be found at the end of the page