You can now set up a quicker Interstore option that charges the desired debtor account automatically, removing several of the tendering steps.

Setting Up your Quick Interstore options

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 7 Administration, 5 Other Administration, 7 Maintain interstore accounts
  • F3 [Add]
  • Give the Interstore menu option a Name, choose a Select Key and choose the Debtor Account

            NB: You cannot create a new Debtor Accounts from here, so make sure you have created one first.

  • Choose whether it should Count inter store as sale
  • F12 [Accept Details] to save

Selling using Quick Interstores

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 1 POS, 1POS selling, Seller Log On 
  • Press F7 [Inter store] and choose your quick interstore option

  • Scan products into the sale as normal.
  • Press F12 [Accept I/S] when finished adding items. It will charge the Quick Interstore account automatically and finish the sale.