Firstly collect all products with a POS note.

From the main menu: 

  • 2 Stock control, 3 Stock maintenance, 1 Maintain products in bulk.
  • F3 Add New
  • F11 twice
  • Tick ‘Has POS note’
  • F11 then F12 Accept
  • (This will now show you all products that have a POS note and are NOT hidden)

Now you can collect these products into something like ‘Product type’ (or something else of your choosing).

  • F5 and select your collection of choice – in this instance 3 Product type
  • Type POS Note and press enter. Then F3 Add as it does not already exist.
  • Then F12 (to accept the new product type) then F12 twice and Yes.

From the main menu: 

  • 6 Reports, 1 Product reports, 6 Product Details.
  • F3 Add and give the report a name like ‘POS notes’
  • Select your collection you created in MPIB above – in this example Product type and select POS note.
  • F11 page 2 and then select your choice of information you wish to see

  • F11 back to the first page and then F12 Accept and F10 View pages or alternatively export to csv using the F5 option.

You will now be able to review what POS notes you have against products

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