Firstly, you may want to review what POS notes you currently have on products.

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Knowing the exact POS note you want to remove/clear….

From the main menu: 

  • 2 Stock control, 3 Stock maintenance, 1 Maintain products in bulk
  • F3 Add New
  • F11 twice
  • In the POS note field type in the POS note you want to remove (so only those items will be listed)
  • F11 and tick Incl. hidden (just in case)
  • F12 Accept

Now you have your list of products with that POS note.

  • Select Set Other F4 and 2 POS note
  • Leave the Set POS note box blank and press F12 Accept.
  • Select Set Other F4 and 3 Prompt POS note
  • The default is for unset (leave this as is) and F12 Accept Details
  • Then F12 and Yes.

This has now cleared the POS note and Prompt POS note from those products.

Follow the same process to remove each obsolete POS note from products.