Set up ‘quick launches’ to regularly used websites and then access them through any F1 Help screen throughout the Toniq program.

Retail and Dispensary can share commons sites or each program can have its own (allowing you to create up to 7 URL addresses per program).

Create or Edit URLs:

  • From any Toniq menu F1 [Help], F10 [Edit URL].

  • Press ENTER to review current URLs.

  • If the one you required is listed, select it now OR

  • If the one you want is not already created F3 [Add]

  • Type in/change the name to appear on the assigned function key

    A function key header line will comfortable fit 6 characters. Type ~ between letters to word wrap them over the 2 available lines, eg NHI~Lookup

  • Type in/change the correct URL for the website you want to access

  • In the Retail and/or Dispensary function key boxes press [spacebar] and select an available F key

  • F12 [Accept Details]

Utilising the URL: 

Simply press F1 [Help] from anywhere in the program (which takes you onto the Toniq Help screens) and then select the appropriate Function key to launch the corresponding website.

NB: If the other program (eg Dispensary) has different URLs to those assigned in your program (eg Retail) you can also select F9 [Choose URL] and select it from the displayed list as well

Example Retail - F1

Example Dispensary - F1