How to Exit LTC Patients:

  • From the prescription entry screen:

    • Select the patient
    • Press F3 LTC/Services
    • Select L LTC Details
    • Press F4 Exit LTC (the exit date will default to today's date):
    • Set the Current LTC status using the spacebar:
    • Common reason for exiting are listed, e.g. EXIT - To ARRC/ CRC, Moved away, Deceased, etc.) This exit reason is a service requirement.
  • Using F7 LTC Manager on the main menu:

    • Inactive patients will appear at the top of the report:
    • Select the patient by highlighting their name on the list
    • Use F3 LTC Details then follow the same steps outlined above to exit the patient

The MOH expects pharmacists to be interacting with their patients regularly (monthly) for LTC services. If the patient has not received any dispensings for over 120 days the MOH will stop paying the service fee for this patient. The LTC Manager keeps track of patients who have Reviews overdue and with last dispensing over 120 days ago (noted in red at the top of the list of LTC patients). Check these patients and exit them as necessary.