Are we carrying excess stock?

From time to time you may end up with too much stock - from acquiring new ranges, products bought on promotion or your ‘predictions for the weather’ are wrong.

Note: An overstocked item is different to dead stock. Dead stock is sitting on the shelf and hasn’t sold, an overstocked item is one which may be selling but you have too much stock of (will take a long time to sell existing stock).

Finding Overstocked Products/Items

  • 2 Stock Control, 3 Stock Maintenance, 1 Maintain Products in Bulk

  • F3 [Add]

  • In the “Cover greater than (days)” field enter the number of days you classify as overstocked
    (i.e. if you consider, based on the current stock on hand and previous usage, that any item with 6 months (or more) worth of stock is too much to carry then enter 180)

  • Tick Include Hidden.

    • Optional: To remove items recently purchased (and therefore may not have had a chance to sell) into the “Not Received within (days)” field enter the number of days you classify as being new stock 
      (i.e. if you consider any item bought within the last 2 months as new then enter 60.)

  • F12 [Accept Details] to generate the report.

    • Optional: To remove items of which you only have a SOH quantity of 1,
      Press F2 [Edit List], R [Remove in Bulk], tick Incl. Hidden, F11 [Page 2], enter a 1 into the ‘Stock – No of items, Under or Equal’ row/column, F11 [Next] back to page 1 then F12 [Accept Details]

  • F12 [Accept Details] to generate the report.

  • To view / print the report F10 [Other], P [Print Product List], F10 [View Report] or F12 [Print]