Yes it is possible to Share Club Cards with other customers in the Toniq Retail system.

If both customers currently have their own Club Card already created. It’s easy to merge these 2 cards together, which will automatically join them both to the same Loyalty Club Card.

See our previous help guide Merging Duplicate Club Cards

Sharing a Loyalty Club Card

If only one customer currently has a Loyalty Club Card, you can Share an existing Club Card with other customers. 

To do this:

  • Select (or create) the second client from the POS screen

  • Edit the client details [F2] Edit Client

  • Press [F2] Share Card

  • Type in the name of the customer who has an existing Club Card

  • Select the appropriate card from the list and press Enter

That’s it! Now sales for any customer sharing the same card, work toward the bonus balance faster.

Can I Unshare a Club Card?

Yes, to do this, you will need to:

  • Select the Customer you want to un-share the Loyalty Card from at POS

  • Edit the client details [F2] Edit Client

  • Press [F2] Share Card, type in the name of the Card Owner (try surname)

  • Highlight the name and press [F4] Unshare

This will remove the card from this customers Club Card list.