Do your advanced/future orders affect your current stock orders?

This is because when you send or confirm an order the items are considered to be ‘on the way’. Those items will no longer come into your generated orders again until additional quantities are required or you receive the stock into the system. This prevents over stocking. 

But from time to time you want to place an advanced order, confirm/send it but continue to order the items as normal for your day to day sales until the (i.e. Christmas) stocks due date.

To do this….

  • Generate your order, edit and confirm / send as normal.
  • Now go back and Edit that order.
  • Press F10 Other and select A [Set forward order date]

  • You will be prompted for the expected arrival date.
    Type it now and press Enter.

This sets the Forward date on ALL items in this order.

The items in this order will now continue to order as normal until the Forward date you have entered. The order will retain its original order number and its confirmed/sent status and shows your Forward date. NB: The Stock on Order field on these items is reset to zero during this process.

 Once the ‘forward’ date arrives the items will be treated as ‘on the way’ (normal situation) and will only order as extra quantities are required.