The following instructions assumes the patient has been exited from LTC in Toniq as per their EAR Portal status.

  • If the patient is still registered in your system, please follow the LTC - Exit Patient instructions first.
  • If they are registered for LTC elsewhere, please contact that pharmacy and ask for the patient to be exited.

Scenario: A patient was registered for LTC Services at your pharmacy but stopped coming. They now wish to return to your pharmacy for LTC again.

  • Re-assess the patient (as if they were new to the LTC service)
  • Check patient's registration status in the EAR / Community Pharmacy Portal
    • If they are registered at another pharmacy, contact the pharmacy and ask them to exit the patient
    • Wait until they appear as exited on the EAR Portal before proceeding
  • Update their LTC information as per the steps below

Re-register Patient for LTC:

From the prescription entry screen:

  • Select the patient, press F3 LTC/Services, then select L LTC Details
  • The screen will have a Final LTC exit date and a Current LTC status of EXIT from their last registration, similar to this:

  • Press F3 Re-reg LTC, which removes all information except the patient's Current LTC points, similar to this:

  • Now enter the new Initial LTC start date, and Current LTC points
  • Use F2 Review LTC if the most recent patient review date does not match the Initial LTC start date
  • Press F12 Accept Details to send the new registration details to the EAR portal and to update details in Toniq

Note: The Initial LTC start date, in general, should not be changed without exiting the patient from LTC services first. Please phone Toniq if an incorrect start date has been entered (outside of the current calendar month) and requires amendment. Ordinarily changing the start date is inadvisable as it creates registration and payment issues, but Toniq's  Super-password is able to fix inadvertent overlapping of dates.