It is now possible to find or remove items in bulk using the ‘On Order’ option.

A product is considered ‘On Order’ when included in an order which is Confirmed, Sent or Backordered.


From the main menu:

  • 2 Stock control, 3 Stock Maintenance, 1 Maintain products in bulk
  • F3 Add and F11 Next page
  • Tick the option ‘Already on order’
  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • You can Sort [F3] & Print [F10, P] the list as required.

This is also a great option for maintaining products in bulk before receiving the order in.  Using On pricelist along with Already on order, you should be able to select specific ordered products. 

You can then adjust Reprice Method, Markup’s, Label options, Hide status and other options in bulk more easily.