The Toniq Dispensary has the ability to send out text messages and emails to patients. As an example, this feature can be used to notify your patients when their medicine is ready for pickup or when their repeats are due.

Texting is used as the primary example in this post, however the same rules and steps apply as text and email are found in the same menu.


Never include medicine names or other confidential information when sending TXT's, or emails. Please be mindful and do not send spam emails as there are laws in relation to these (see two links at the bottom)

As you are providing patients a service, you don't need written consent from the patient. However, if you wanted to send any promotional material, then you will need written consent from the patient.
A sundry label sized sheet with the following information can be big enough to obtain permission, "I give permission to this pharmacy to contact me about my medication", then provide fields for their name, number, address, date and signature.

Record the permission and when it was given (if applicable). Then in the patient record, add a note clearly indicating that permission has been granted to text this patient about their meds i.e. TXTM 08/01/16.

In the Texting screen, when a patient is selected, their mobile number is shown along with permission to text (if this has been recorded, see later)


Toniq Text Fees

Texting: $12.00/month - Monthly support fee + 12c per TXT

Emailing: Free

Texting and Creating Contact Lists in Dispensary

Access the Texting screen using either method listed below:

  • 1. Prescriptions, Patient Info, F10 Other, Q Quick contact patient 
  • 6. Contact, 1. Quick contact patient (or other appropriate option for the situation)

Once in the Texting screen:

  • Enter the patient name in the Select Patient field to add them to the contact list
  • Remove single patients from the list using F6 – Remove (or select multiple patients by holding shift and selecting appropriate contacts, then press F3 – Remove selected)

You may wish to give your contact list a name in the provided field so you can recall this list in the future i.e. useful for txting staff, doctors, specific LTC groups etc

When you're ready to create your message, select one of the following options:

  • F7 Create Msg: Write message for all recipients 
  • F8 Edit Msg = Write/Edit message for the selected recipient only

Writing Text messages

You pharmacy name WILL be included at the start of every message so the patient/customer knows who is communicating with them. The screen shown below indicates that 20 characters are used already from my pharmacy name.

When you type the message in, the number of characters will increase. Please note if you exceed 160 characters, a multi/part message will be sent.  The recipient will receive a single message on their phone, however you will be charged per text message part.

1 part message = 160 characters

2 part message = 306 characters

3 part message = 459 characters (maximum)

F12 Accept to save the message and return to the contact list

Sending the message

You can take note of the number of messages being sent on the contact screen top right. The message will also be displayed down bottom left as you scroll through the list. It is possible to edit an individual message for a patient before sending.

When sending messages from within Dispensary, these are treated as 'Service Messages', which means customers do not require an optout message included with the communications.

Once you're ready to send, press F9 Send Msg

Choose the appropriate options from the prompts

Automatic Contact List Creation from Reports

For better efficiency, Dispensary is able to automatically create a contact list from  several report types; Owings Report, Issue Owes in bulk (after issuing owes) and the Repeats Due Report. 

Repeats Due Report:

  • 3. Reports
  • 2. Prescription reports
  • 1. Repeats due
  • Set Repeats Due in X field
  • Tick patients with mobile phone
  • F12 Accept
  • F8 Contact List

Owings Report:

  • 3. Reports
  • 2. Prescription reports
  • 3. Owings
  • Set Date Range
  • Tick Valid to Supply
  • F12 Accept
  • F8 Contact List

Create your message and send

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