If you find that some items need to put on Back Order (i.e. will be arriving later) (and this has not already been done by the supplier Answerback) you can set them manually. Open the order concerned.

  • F2 Edit Order
  • Highlight the line concerned and F3 Back Order
  • Enter the quantity that is on back order. (This may not be the entire quantity originally ordered).  The quantity on back order will show next to the word Back in the cost field
  • If all of that particular item is on Back Order then the ‘Buy’ will show ‘0’.  If part is on back order then the ‘Buy’ will show the quantity you are about to receive in.
  • Highlight the Cost field and enter the value of the received item. (If no item is received it will be 0.00)
  • Now receive the rest of the order as usual


When the stock eventually arrives you can take the items off Back Order and receive them in.