In addition to our phone support option, Toniq utilizes a variety of channels to keep pharmacies informed. 

Each form of communication represents a different level of importance and timing.

Green Papers

Green papers are accessible from the main menu by pressing F4 – Green Papers. 

They are generally single A4 sized leaflet style information bulletins which may include:

Hints, guides and reminders relating to the use of features within Dispensary (or Retail)

  • Inform pharmacies of changes in the pharmacy contract
  • Background detail to an urgent issue notified through Toniq Messages 

Messages from Toniq (RSS Feed)

These notifications are located  in the top right corner of the dispensary main menu.

Messages in here often require action and therefore, a 'Done' tick box has been supplied so that staff members can indicate whether the issue has been reviewed or dealt with. 

Messages are colour coded based on importance: Red=important, orange and blue.


Examples of messages you may see in this box: 

  • Notification of processing instructions with a link to more detailed information eg: Maviret order processing
  • Pharmac late listings and/or stock shortages
  • Medsafe recalls
  • Toniq notification e.g. Software Update going through tonight

Toniq Helpdesk 

The Toniq Helpdesk can be accessed by pressing F5 – Helpdesk from the main menu of Dispensary (or Retail), a desktop shortcut, or via your Windows start menu by typing in Helpdesk.


This program is primarily used when pharmacy users have a problem with the system and the resolution or explanation is facilitated by showing it to a Toniq support person. It can also be used to file transfer system logs to aid problem investigation and check or restart critical services. Toniq Helpdesk can used in situations relating to: 

  • ePrescribing
  • Southern Cross
  • Various lookups