You must have a current digital signing certificate loaded in the pharmacy system for claiming, to look up Special Authorities and Prescription Subsidy Card numbers, and to integrate with NZePS (eprescribing). When the certificate is loaded for claiming, Toniq will automatically update the certificate for SA and PSC look-ups on all your computers.

As at April 2022, the update of the digital certificate for NZePS requires Toniq to email Whanau Tahi (the eprescribing broker) with your new digital certificate details. It may take a few hours for the certificate to be updated at Whanau Tahi and so get eprescribing working at your pharmacy again.


  • A HealthSecure CD containing your digital certificate and its password (which will have been texted to the certificate holder). Call HealthLink on 0800 288 887 if you require your password.
    • In certain circumstances HealthLink may connect to your site remotely and upload the digital certificate directly onto one of your computers, in which case the file will (most likely) be located on that PC in C:\Digital Cert.


1. Load the digital certificate into Dispensary

  • From the main menu of Toniq Dispensary, go to:
    • 4. Electronic claiming
    • 3. Claim options / Certificates
    • Then press <space-bar> to select the pharmacy contract
  • Insert the certificate disk into the CD drive, and press F8 Load Cert:

  • Select the location of the certificate from the CD drive and press F12 Accept Details(the password is the same as last year)
    • If HealthLink manually uploaded your digital certificate, after pressing F8 Load Certselect it in C:\Digital Cert by navigating to where the certificate is saved (NB: <backspace> navigates up one file level), then press F12 Accept Details.

2. Call the MOH to updated the certificate on their system

The following information is transcribed from the Ministry of Health - Delegated Administration Tool page:

The Ministry of Health has commenced work to replace the Online Pharmacy Claiming (OPC) system. Part of this work requires changes to the way in which digital certificates are loaded into systems.

From January 11 2021, the loading of digital certificates will need to be actioned by the Ministry's Contact Centre.

To avoid delays and any negative impacts to your business, we recommend you contact the Ministry prior to your existing certificate lapsing.

This will be a short-term process while work to replace all of the Online Pharmacy Claiming system takes place.

Contact Centre details: 0800 855 066 option 4 then 1  (if you disover these options have changed please advised Toniq so we can update) or email

3. Call Toniq if eprescribing stops working

If eprescribing does not work work after updating the digital certificate for claiming, Toniq will need to email the eprescribing broker, Whanau Tahi, with your new certificate details, please call our support desk on 03 341 0195.

Note: Please advise Toniq if HealthLink uploaded the digital certificate to a PC at your pharmacy as Toniq may need to connect to it.