When your Back Order items arrive you will need to recall the order and receive in accordingly.

From the main menu:

  • 2 Stock Control, 1 Orders, 2 Edit order
  • Find the order and select from the list provided and display. Then :-
    1. F2 Edit Order
    2. Use the arrow keys to highlight on the back order item you want to receive in.
    3. F3 [Back Order]
    4. If you received the total quantity that was on back order then enter 0. (If you still have some on back order then enter the remaining still on back order)
    5. Amend the cost if needed
    6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each back order item you have received stock for.
    7. F12 [End Edit]
    8. F11 [Receive Order] as normal following prompts for repricing and labels as required
    9. R receive stock to Retail