Before doing a mail out or bulk contact to your Club Card clients (or on a regular basis) it’s a good idea to check for and hide any card belonging to Deceased customers.

Select Deceased Clients Club Cards in Bulk

From the main menu:

  • 5 Clubs, 3 Maintain Club Cards in Bulk
  • F3 Add
  • Tick the box that says Deceased


  • Press F12 [Accept Details]

Hiding the Client Cards

Once the list of cards assigned to deceased clients is produced:

  • F4 [Set Other]


  • 4 [Hide/Show Card]
  • Tick the Set box


  • F12 [Accept Details] 

Add a Note

To add an explanation note to the Club card:

  • F4 [Set Other] again,
  • 3 [Append club card note], and type in a suitable note


  • F12 [Accept Details]

Save the Changes

  • F12 [Accept Details], then Y [Yes] to the "Change cards" prompt