PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED TO BE REGISTERED FOR CLUBS TO DO THIS. (To check if you are registered for clubs:  From the Main Menu of Retail select 7. Administration, 3. Registration and look in the Options list to see if Clubs says Yes).

Possibly, you have another loyalty scheme (not a Toniq club) to reward your customers but still want to be able to ‘track’ their history locally. Good for quick look up if the customer has forgotten what they bought previously but want to buy the same item again.

From the Main Menu:

  • 5 Clubs, 1 Maintain Clubs and F3 Add.
  • You can now give your tracking club a name. Select ‘Include all products’ and ‘Permit duplication’. Then F12 Accept Details.


Now simply join your clients to the new tracking club and providing you enter your clients into each transaction you will be able to track sales for that client and access their club card information from the POS Selling screen.