A check to see unusually high stock levels or incorrect SOH figures should be done on a regular basis.

From the Main Menu in Retail:

  • 2 Stock control, 3 Stock Maintenance, 1 Maintain Products in bulk
  • Press enter to see a list of pre-created reports and select the appropriate report OR F3 [Add] and type a name in the ‘Criteria Name’ for repeated use.
  • F9 [Include Hidden]
  • F11 [Next Page] and in the ‘Stock – No. items’ field and the ‘Over’ column type ‘100’ (or another figure you would consider high stock)
  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • If you want to print the list select F10 [Other] and P [Print Product List]


Investigate if the SOH is accurate or if measures need to be taken to resolve.