Sometimes you may need to review a Debtor account over a longer period of time (say 6 months, 1 year or 3 years).  This can be done using the Extended Summary print option within a Debtor Account.

From the main menu

  • 3 Debtors, 1 Maintain debtor accounts, select the debtor account
  • Press F9 Print Select, 6 Extended summary
  • Enter the start date, then press Enter
  • Enter the stop date, then press Enter
  • Include transaction items?  Answer NO for a summary.  If you need to see the full details of the transactions (what was purchased) choose YES.
    NB: the summary option is a great way to review an account which is often out of sync with their payments.
  • Choose your print option. You can also save the report to PDF and email the copy to the client (if this is what they requested).

This is an example of an Extended summary (answer NO to ‘Include transaction items’).


Note: the balance column; on 20 Jan 2016 the client had fully paid their account.