"Debtor Email" is a chargeable module. For more information on price, setup and use please contact Toniq Retail team on 03 3410195.

Are you looking to reach your customers in a way that works for them best?

Are you looking to save money on envelopes, stamps, paper?

Are you looking to save staff time/resource?

Are you looking to help save the environment?

Then this option is definitely worth considering! You can offer your customers the opportunity to receive their monthly debtor statements via email. Save yourself time and money; even reward your customers by removing monthly fee charges.

Setting up new Email Debtor category

From the main menu

  • 3 Debtors, 2 Debtor Setup Menu, 3 Maintain Account Categories
  • Press <spacebar> to see a list of existing Categories and / or F3 [Add] to create a new one
  • Category name: Give the category a name that is easily recalled (obvious to you) eg Email Debtors
    NB: If the bulk of the messages and fees in this category are to be the same as those already set under the general Debtor Settings you can use F2 [Copy Gnrl] to duplicate the Messages and Fees. Then simply make the relevant changes required for this particular Category.
  • Make sure “Override general options and messages” is selected
  • F11 moves you onto the second page of Category Setup to change /add Fees and Interest values
  • To remove the fee, enter $0 into the respective charge fee fields
  • Once you have made your changes F11 [to move back to page 1] and F12 [Accept Details]

REMEMBER: You need to associate this Category to the debtors in question. This can either be done individually on the 1st page of the each Debtor record or can be set in bulk.

Assigning Debtors in bulk to category

From the main menu

  • 3 Debtors, 3 Maintain debtors in bulk
  • F3 [Add] to create a new one
  • Tick “Has valid Email address” and press F12 [Accept Details]
  • Once debtor list is generated select F10 [Other] -> 8 Account category


  • Press the space bar select appropriate category eg Email Debtors
  • F12 [Accept Details] x2 and Yes to change debtors

Other Helpful Resources:

  • Debtor categories in bulk
  • Toniq Manual “Debtors"