Sometimes you may have a supplier rep create and then physically send you an order without you having created the order from within Retail at all. These items still need to be received into Retail. 

Check With The Sales Rep

Talk to the rep. concerned and find out if they can email you the order in a format such as CSV (comma separated value) or Txt (text).  If they can provide this service then the emailed file MUST have either the PLU code, barcode or their manufacturer product code as part of the information.  PLU and barcode are preferred over manufacturer product code as you may have to perform extra steps if they just provide you with the manufacturer product code (see the note at the bottom).

From the computer you intend to receive your order into Retail make sure you are able to access and open the file you received from the rep. This step may require you saving the attachment from the rep.’s email and transferring it to the computer concerned, either via your network or on something like a USB flashdrive.

Creating The Order For This Supplier

  • Firstly, open the file you received from the rep. in your spreadsheet program.

NB if you received the file as a CSV format it should just open in your spreadsheet program. If you got a ‘txt’ file then you will need to open it up from within your spreadsheet program or use a text editor that has a function to select a column.

  • Select and highlight the list of PLU codes/barcodes. 
  • Copy this list (right click, select copy, or press Ctrl+C on the keyboard)
  • Now switch to Toniq Retail,  from the main menu select 
  • 2. Stock Control
  • 1. Orders
  • 1. New Order
  • Select either the blank Order Type you already have set up for the particular supplier or create a blank order in the normal way.
  • F2 Edit Order
  • F10 Other and then select B Paste product Ids (you will get the following message)


  • Select Y

Your items will then be added to the order. Confirm the order and then amend by adding the correct quantity and cost of the items before you receive the order in to stock the normal way.

N.B.: If your Supplier rep. can ONLY provide you with a list of product codes and the supplier has a Toniq pricelist then these item codes MUST have the unique manufacturer Toniq prefix added to the list of product codes before copying and pasting in to the order. This can be done quite easily in something like Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet program. If the supplier does not have a Toniq pricelist and you have manually entered the product codes into each product card then the above step of adding the prefix is not required.