• 6 [Reports], 1 [Product Reports], 4 [Stock Value]
  • Press ENTER, look for a report called “All Stock” (or similar) and select if available
  • If one does not already exist press F3 [Add] and type in a suitable name, ie All Stock
  • Tick Subtotal beside Group (or Department) - this will list the totals for each group/dept and a grand total (rather than each individual item)
  • Tick Include Hidden
  • Tick Totals Only
  • Press F11 [Page 2] and tick Show Weighted Average and Last Cost Values, or choose the comparative option you require (1, 2, 3 ; 1, 6, 12 or 6, 12, 24 months)
  • Press F11 [Page 1], F12 [Accept Details] and F12 [Print]
  • The figure you want is the “Current Value”

NB: If you forgot to produce your Stock Valuation report at the end of trade, or after your stocktake on 31 March, you are still in luck. Set up the report as above but on page 2 ensure you select the Previous Month End - 1, 2, 3 option. Do NOT tick In stock only on page 1.

NB: If you are using Toniq Vault we can restore and re-create reports for dispensary and Retail up to 3 months from the current date.

Once created, along with the ‘SOH’, ‘Value at Std Cost’ and ‘Current’ columns (todays SOH value) you will also have columns for the past three months – dated accordingly. One of these columns should be for ’31.03.13’ – the values you require.