Firstly, you may want to review what POS notes you currently have on products
See related article Review Product POS Notes

Using the exact POS note you want to remove/clear….

From the main menu: 2 Stock control, 3 Stock maintenance, 1 Maintain products in bulk.

  • F3 Add New
  • F11 twice
  • In the POS note field type in the POS note you want to remove (so only those items will be listed)
  • F11 and tick Incl. hidden (just in case)
  • F12 Accept

Clearing the POS Note from the products bulk selected

  • Set Other F4
  • 2 POS note
  • Leave the 'Set POS note' box blank and press F12 Accept.
  • Set Other F4 
  • 3 Prompt POS note
  • The default is for unset (leave this as is) and F12 Accept Details
  • F12 Accept Details, then Yes.

This has now cleared the POS Note and Prompt POS Note from those products.

Follow the same process to remove each obsolete POS Note from products.