Maybe you have various different debtors that perhaps all live at the same rest home and you want a way to collect them together. You can use Debtor Categories for this and you can perform the function of putting them in the same category in bulk.

In this scenario all the debtors live at the same address so that is the common denominator we will use to collate the debtors. From the main menu….

  • 3 Debtor
  • 3 Debtors in bulk
  • Enter part of the address

  • F12 Accept
  • The relevant debtors are now listed
  • F10 Other and select 8 Account category

  • Press the space bar and either select a category already there or in this case F3 Add (to create a new category)
  • Give the new Category a name.

  • If you want this category to have its own unique set up for things like overdue fees etc then you must tick ‘override general options and messages’ and set these up accordingly. (If you need help with this please contact Toniq)
  • F12 Accept Details x3 and Yes to change debtors.

So we have now put all these debtors (with the same address into the same debtor category). We can now easily list or report on these particular debtors.

NB: if your debtors do not have any common denominator then you can add the debtors one by one to maintain debtors in bulk and then perform the function of putting them into the category. Please contact Toniq if you need help with this particular scenario.