Many stores use the Manufacturer field to group supplier products together (both current and discontinued). However, you may have ended up with multiple entries for the same supplier within the Manufacturer field due to typing errors etc.

NB: If you have eShopLink syncing with an online website, your manufacturer field will be synced online either as a TAG or VENDOR.

Print a Manufacturer report

To get an idea of what manufacturers you have listed or set against products you can run a report which will show in brackets how many products are assigned to that manufacturer.

From the Main Menu: 

  • 6 Reports
  • 4 Audit/Utility reports
  • 3 General lists
  • 8 More list reports
  • 3 Manufacturer
  • F4 [Pdf File], F10 [View Pages], F12 [Print]

Using MPIB to tidy up/update manufacturer on products

If you have different variations and spellings of a supplier name complete the following.

From the Main Menu:

  • 2 Stock Control
  • 3 Stock Maintenance
  • 1 Maintain Products in Bulk, F3 [Add]
  • Recall one of the variations in the Manufacturer field
    (type in part of the manufacturer and Enter, or spacebar and Enter to see a list)
  • Tick Include Hidden
  • F12 [Accept Details]

  • Optional: Add more variations to the same list
    F2 [Edit List], A [Add in Bulk]
    Recall the next variation of this supplier in the Manufacturer field
    (space and Enter to see a list or type in part of the manufacturer)
    Tick Include Hidden and F12 [Accept Details]
    Continue repeating the above optional steps until you have ALL variations of this manufacturer recalled

  • F5 [Set P1 Opts]
  • 4 [Manufacturer]
  • Recall the ‘True’ Manufacturer variation that you want all these products to have
    (e.g. Alpha Pharmaceuticals)
  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • F12 [Accept Details] again, Y to the ‘Change products’ prompt

Now all the products will be under the one manufacturer and all the variations will have been removed.

The old manufacturer name variations may still appear in the field search list, these can be cleared/reset by rebooting the Toniq server at the end of the day.

Loads of random manufacturers

If you have loads of manufacturers that do not make sense, maybe a large chunk of them are numbers for example, call Toniq support team for assistance to get these cleared out in bulk.