The Product Performance Report (sometimes referred to as a PPG [product performance guide]) is designed to indicate stock movement during the last 12 months. This report focuses on units sold.

The report is ideal for Supplier Reps as you can define the report to a particular ‘pricelist’ (providing that supplier has a pricelist with Toniq) or otherwise define to your own collection for that supplier’s products.

In the example below we will use a supplier (Revlon) that has a Toniq pricelist. However, you would just substitute ‘on pricelist’ with a department, catalogue etc. (depending on how you have your products set up).

From the Main Menu in Retail: 

  • 6. Reports, 1. Product reports, 1. Product performance
  • Add F3.
  • Give this report a name so you can use it in the future
  • Select ‘On price list’ (in this example Revl for Revlon). Set any other optional settings you may want like ticking ‘Include hidden’. You can define even more if you wish e.g. ‘Sold within (days)’ 180 to display only relevant products for your store.

  • F12 [Accept Details]
  • Then ‘View Pages F10’ to check it is what you want and then ‘Print All F12’ if you or the Rep wants a print out.