This is something you can check on a monthly basis just to make sure your sellers are recording clients against Restricted Meds items when purchased. Hopefully, your Restricted Meds club is set up to have a POS prompt whenever a Restricted Med item is entered into POS selling.

1. Check your club is set to prompt the seller that they are selling a Restricted Med item.

  • (From the main menu) 5. Clubs, 1. Maintain club
  • Select your Restricted Meds club (whatever you have it named)

  • Check that there is a tick in POS prompt.

2. Check your sellers are entering a client in transactions that include Restricted Med items

  • (From the main menu) 6. Reports
  • 4. Audit/Utility reports
  • 8. Transaction Audit
  • Add F3 (or select the criteria saved from a previous time)
  • Give the criteria a name if you selected Add F3 (to use next time)
  • Select the date range you want (e.g. last month)
  • F9 Show Full
  • F11 Next Page
  • Make sure you have ‘Show client details’ ticked in the Show area
  • Make sure you have ‘Eligible in club’ selected to your Restricted Meds Club

  • F11 Next page
  • F12 Accept
  • F10 Print preview