This is something you can check on a monthly basis just to make sure your Restricted Meds Club is running as it should.

1. Check how your club is collecting the products concerned.

  • (From the main menu) 5. Clubs, 1. Maintain club
  • Select your Restricted Meds club (whatever you have it named)

  • Check what collection type you are using (in this example a Catalogue called ‘Pharmacist Only Medicines’).

2. Check what products are in your collection used for your Restricted Meds Club

  • (From the main menu) 2. Stock control
  • 3. Stock maintenance
  • 1. Maintain products in bulk
  • Add F3 (or select the criteria saved from a previous time)
  • Give the criteria a name if you selected Add F3 (to use next time)
  • Select your collection you discovered from the steps in “1” (in this example – Catalogue called ‘Pharmacist Only Medicines’)
  • F9 Incl Hidden
  • F12 Accept

You now have a list of products being used by your Restricted Meds Club. Maybe print this list by selecting Sort F3, 1 Alpha, Other F10, P Print product list and then Print F12. Store this list in a safe place. Next month follow the same process and check the list is still correct. If it is different then select a missing product and check that the product is set to the collection within your Restricted Meds Club.