The CRC service is payable at the ARRC service rate until further notice.

Community Care facilities should be registered, if in doubt consult with MOH to check the one(s) you are servicing is/are registered.

Patients eligible for the CRC service, cannot be registered in any other conflicting service.

1. Check CRC patients, if they have LTC start dates, exit them NOW

  • Set LTC End date on CRC patients with LTC start date
  • Set LTC Status to: EXIT – To ARRC/CRC

2. Put CRC patients in an institution.

(If there is not an appropriate institution setup for these patients, use institution maintenance, (on the dosepack - administration menu) to add one. Use the 2nd page of Edit Patient to add patients to the institution. Only CRC patients should be in this institution and it should be marked with a Community CRC service type. (Use spacebar in the service type field to update)

Monthly Reports: Your pharmacy agreement conditions of CRC service.

Notification of Provision of Services
Within one month of the date on which you first provide CRC Pharmacy Services to a Service User as part of this Agreement, until such time as this information can be provided electronically to the National Register, you must inform Sector Services in writing of the following:
  • Name of the Service User, NHI and date of birth
  • Start Date CRC Pharmacy Services
  • End Date CRC Pharmacy Services, as appropriate
  • The name of the CRC Service Provider (in which the CRC Service User resides to whom you are providing CRC Pharmacy Services)
  • The name and provider number of the pharmacy supplying CRC Pharmacy Services to the Service Users identified above.

Pharmacy can use the EAR community portal to setup patient start dates (and exit dates).
Alternatively a report of patients registered for CRC can be produced from Toniq. 

We are told that this can be uploaded into the registration system – as an alternative to double entry of the information in Toniq and on EAR.

3. When the patient is put into a CRC institution, a registration will be created under patient services with a Start date equal to the date they were put in the institution.

If this is not accurate, the start date can be changed in the Patient Services screen to reflect the actual start date in the service.

4. Use Bulk Edit Patients to create a report

  • Go to 9.Other, 2. Bulk edit patient.
  • F3 Add - if this report has not been used before you will not need to put F3 Add  
  • F11 Next Page, enter todays date in the CRC dates from
  • F11 twice to Output screen, set Output options:
    UNTICK: Address, Postcode, Telephone, Mobile
    TICK: Institution, Institution address, CRC start date, CRC end date

  • F12 Accept – Change the filename if wanted as per below to CRCExport.CSV, and then press F5 CSV File

The report will by default be written to C:\Toniq Users\Exports\CRCExport.CSV. Use Windows to find the file and rename if appropriate (for your records perhaps) and then upload it to the EAR system.

5. Patient exiting the service:

  • Edit patient and take them out of the CRC Institution ESSENTIAL

            F2 Edit patient, F11 to the 2nd page, remove them from the CRC institution, this will automatically set the end date the patient's CRC registration on the Patient Services screen.

  • Logon to the EAR system to call up the specific patient and exit them there.