Patients registered/(re-)assessed a year ago – need a review.

The LTC Service requires LTC patients to be re-assessed annually to ensure that they are still eligible for the Service.
Pharmacy need to be able to regularly:

  1. Get a list of patients to be reviewed – monthly or weekly
  2. Re-assess them against the LTC EXIT criteria and re-evaluate eligibility detail.
  3. Record the review date (assessment date) in Toniq

1. List LTC patients to be reviewed

Access patients to be reviewed using F7 LTC Manager - from the Main Menu 

The sort is by reviews due by default.

This screen allows the Edit patient, diary, and LTC details to be accessed.

Add/Remove LTC Conditions if necessary

Where LTC conditions are loaded onto an LTC patient the re-assessment should be fairly quick due to the automatic filling of the LTC eligibility factors and the largely automatically scoring.

Toniq recommend that LTC conditions and patient factors are loaded to make future assessments easier and to get ready for further data exchange DHB requirements.
Probably the easiest way to do this is to print out the original evaluation and use F3 Edit Cond, and to add the relevant LTC evaluation factors/conditions and THEN do the Reassessment.

Hint: Removing a condition. E.g a patient is taking 9 meds at review but last year was taking 8. Edit patient, F11, Click on LTCPP: 5 to 8 regular medicines and press F3 Clear Cond (Selected). Now add the LTCPP: 9 or more regular medicines.

2. Reassess against exit criteria - and then re-evaluate

Open patient diary, F7 Use Template. Select TQ LTC7 Periodic Assessment.

NB: If the selection list is empty see notes at the end of this document.

Check that none of the LTC Service Exit criteria apply, if they do you will need to exit the patient (can do this here using F10 Other, 4 Edit patient LTC service settings).

If the patient does still appear to qualify for LTC service, carry on to add the information source for the patient’s continued adherence issues, add any relevant hospital visits and adjust the automatic score appropriately.

3. Record the review date (assessment date)

Once finished, set the review date (and LTC points if they are missing or have changed).

The LTC review DUE date will be automatically set to the review date plus 365 days.
This can be done from within the assessment form using F10 Other.

No templates / or missing templates

From main menu go 

  • 7. Admin
  • 3. Updates and downloads
  • 1. Download/check med files
  • F4 check I/Net
  • Tick Note Templates (LTC Evaluations etc)
  • F7 Dn/Ld Files, OK
  • F12 Accept Details
  • 7. Update Toniq note templates

Your database will now have the templates in it.