If you have a Storbie site with Supplier Network, you can now select products within Retail via Maintain Products in Bulk, and set up syncing with your online store. This way you can easily find and add new products to your online store which are a match against a Storbie Supplier Network product.

NB: This function only exists for Storbie users

From the main menu within Retail:

  • 2. Stock control
  • 3. Stock Maintenance
  • 1. Maintain products in bulk
  • F3 Add
  • F11 Next Page, F11 Next Page

Bottom left are 2 filters you can use.

Storbie supplier: Allows you to select from the list of available Supplier Network suppliers for your online store

All suppliers: Will match against ALL suppliers on the Storbie supplier network

  • F12 Accept Details
    to generate the list of products that match

You can now remove products that already have an eShopLink category

  • F2 Edit List
  • R remove items in bulk
  • Tick, 'Has eShoplink cat'
  • F12 Accept Details

You can curate the list now if desired, removing any products you do not wish to sync/send to your online store.

Then assign an eShopLink category to all remaining products and accept changes.

  • F5 Set Page 1 Options
  • 5 eShopLink category
  • Search and then select an eShopLink category from the list OR if the category does not exist, use F3 Add to create a new one
  • F12 Accept
  • F12 Accept Details
  • Y to accept changes and continue

Check your online store for the new products. They will not appear immediately, so try waiting at least 20 minutes before checking.

Common questions

I order from more suppliers than what appear on this list. How can I get more?

Supplier Network is managed by Storbie, it would be best to contact their support team for the available list of suppliers, and adding more suppliers to your online store.