Pharmacist vaccinators can vaccinate using:

Afluria Quad (pharmacode 2602725)

Fluad Quad (pharmacode 2602741) - 65 years+ only

please refer to the Pharmaceutical Schedule for dispensing rules and eligibility criteria.

Setting Up

1) Prescriber as Pharmacist Vaccinator

The administrator (Prescriber) should be set up in Toniq as a Pharmacist Vaccinator:


Note: The Registration number for a Pharmacist Vaccinator does not have a prefix

This may mean that a pharmacist is listed as a prescriber twice – once with their Professional group set to Pharmacist (and a hyphenated prefix on the Registration number) and the other set to Pharmacist Vaccinator

2) Update the Service pricing

From the main menu, go to:

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 4. Standard price parameters
  • Press Check I/Net F4
  • Select ICPSA Contract (from October 2020) 
  • Accept prompt advising new pricing and press F12 to save

Dispensing process

  • Process the script as per normal, with the Prescriber set as the pharmacist vaccinator
  • If the eligibility requirements are met, put the NSS Quantity as 0 (zero)
  • If the script is subsidised, a pharmacy prescription copy will print (but not if it is NSS)
  • All Influenza vaccines should be loaded onto NIR via Immunise Now


The prescription details report can be used to find all patients who have had the vaccination:

  • 3. Reports
  • 2. Prescription reports
  • Prescription details