This feature currently is only supported for Propharma and CDC Web Orders. This function works for both Dispensary and Retail.

When an order needs to be created on your supplier’s website, it is now possible to download the order into the Toniq ordering system by entering the Order Reference number from the website into Toniq.

Setup Reusable Order Form

  • Add a new Order Type, e.g. “Fetch Web Order”
  • Select supplier
  • Press F6 Fetch web ordr or manually tick option Fetch web order

Using Fetch Web Orders

When this order type is used to create orders in future, just enter the Reference number from the web order, and the order will be downloaded ready for review and receipt.

The web order will attempt to fetch immediately when F12 is pressed. If there is no order at the supplier with this reference, the program may take a minute while it attempts to fetch the order.