NRT medicine dispensed from cards must be processed on the default A4 Rx code and will price using the standard subsidy formula.  The shortfall in payment for card issued NRT medicine dispensings will be made up by post-claim adjustment.

See Pharmac information for details on this. The claim file must identify these card issued dispensings by one of two special prescriber NZMC numbers.   NRT Medicine will also now be available on Rx’s.

Add these 2 special prescribers to your Toniq system to ensure that you are paid correctly for your card issued NRT medicine. Cards are Quitline or community provided QuitCard

From the main menu

  • 1. Prescriptions
  • Select any patient, enter any Rx code, press [Enter]
  • Search for a (Dr) Quitline (check F7 Unhide)
  • If you already HAVE an entry for Dr Quitline:
    Edit the details of the prescriber to match those in the screen below
  • Or, Add new prescriber with details that match those in the screen below
  • F12 to Accept the prescriber

Special NRT Card prescriber No 1: NRT Only Quitline – NZMC number 88888

Add a SECOND special prescriber to identify community provider issued QUIT cards.

Special Card prescriber No 2: NRT Only QuitCard Provider: NZMC 99999