Afluria Quad (pharmacode 2581434)

Afluria Quad (2020 Formulation) has been made available early for eligible patients due to the potential impact of COVID-19. Pharmacist vaccinators can vaccinate:

  • People aged 65 years and older
  • Pregnant women
  • People 13 years and older with any of the eligible medical conditions (please refer to the Pharmaceutical Schedule)

Setting Up

1) Prescriber as Pharmacist Vaccinator

The administrator (Prescriber) should be set up in Toniq as a Pharmacist Vaccinator:


Note: The Registration number for a Pharmacist Vaccinator does not have a prefix

This may mean that a pharmacist is listed as a prescriber twice – once with their Professional group set to Pharmacist (and a hyphenated prefix on the Registration number) and the other set to Pharmacist Vaccinator

2) Update the Service pricing

From the main menu, go to:

  • 7. Administration
  • 1. Setup
  • 4. Standard price parameters
  • Press Check I/Net F4
  • Select ICPSA Contract (from October 2020) 
  • Accept prompt advising new pricing and press F12 to save

Dispensing process

  • Process the script as per normal, with the Prescriber set as the pharmacist vaccinator
  • If the eligibility requirements are met, put the NSS Quantity as 0 (zero)
  • If the script is subsidised, a pharmacy prescription copy will print (but not if it is NSS)
  • All Influenza vaccines should be loaded onto NIR via Immunise Now


The prescription details report can be used to find all patients who have had the vaccination:

  • 3. Reports
  • 2. Prescription reports
  • Prescription details