Decide if all or selected patients are to receive the discount, then follow the relevant instructions.

Discount ALL patients

  • 7. Admin
  • 1 Setup
  • 4 Standard price parameters 
  • Set CoPay adjustment to -5.00
  • F12 Accept Details to save

This will automatically remove $5.00’s worth of co-payment from all Rxs.  No further setup is needed and all Rxs (with co-payments) will automatically have co-payments reduced by $5.00.

Discount SELECTED patients

Setup and dispense a ‘fee’ medicine for relevant patients.

Setup the fee (once only)

  • Go to 2 Stock control
  • 4 Maintain medicine
  • enter 99999301 to select a ‘medicine’ which Toniq has added to help with discounting.  This will be named COPAY – DISCOUNT and have the following instructional dispensing note
  • EDIT the ‘medicine’ to set the Retail Price to -$5.00, set Fee tick box, set No updates tick box, set  Shortcut = copay, delete the dispensary note instructions and F12 to save


For an A4 patient who has 6 new Rx items with a $5.00 co-payment on each, dispense a quantity of 6 x COPAY - DISCOUNT to give a discount of $30.00.


A Dispensary Summary report cannot be run for a single medicine (or fee) but can be run for a medicine group.    

  • Go to 2. Stock Control, 9 Maintain medicine groups, Add
    Set (medicine group) Name = Co-payment discounting and F12 Save
  • Go to 2. Stock Control, 4. Maintain medicine,  select copay discount, F11, F11,  press spacebar to select Medicine group Co-payment discounting F11, F12 Save
  • Go to 3. Reports, 1 Business analysis reports, 1 Dispensary summary
    Run report for required date range setting Medicine group to Co-payment discounting