When processing eRxs, USE the Toniq eCOPY function to avoid correcting sigs on repeat Rx’s.


More pharmacies are now receiving barcoded prescriptions from their medical practices.

These can be scanned to download electronic eRx data for processing in the dispensary system.

Where the patient is a regular one, pharmacy is accustomed to efficiencies gained from copying previous dispensings from the patient history grid.

This cannot be done in quite the same way for an eRx 


 if Toniq can match the medicine and quantity on the eRx to a previous dispensing for the patient, this last Rx from history can be efficiently copied.

Use F8 Copy Last Rx to avoid correcting and adding sigs over and over again, every time the patient has a regular repeated Rx.

COPY Last Rx After scanning/downloading the eRx, accept/change the Rx code and then lookout for this screen, to process repeat eRx quickly.