Do you have trouble getting rid of owing's (unsupplied OR supplied)?

From a data perspective 'owes' are fragile compared to other dispensing items (originals or repeats). They're misunderstood, can't exist on their own and become dysfunctional if they lose touch with their roots. It's not surprising that from time to time they cause problems - most often in the claiming part of the program. When this happens we could try to rehabilitate them, but sometimes it's easier just to get rid of them!

How to get rid of owes

Usually it is a supplied owe that creates trouble in the claiming system. The parent dispensing has been partially paid, but the owe supply has generated an error, for one reason or another. The most time effective way to deal with this is to remove the owe and then RESUBMIT the whole dispensing. This results in a credit to HealthPac for the partial payment and then a reprocess and payments of the WHOLE dispensing.

  1. Enter the RX number on the normal prescription entry screen.
  2. F2, F2 to get into edit mode. Arrow up the screen to the 
    • Repeats field - for an original (/0) dispensing.
    • Quantity field - for a repeat dispensing
  3. F10 Other
  4. 7 Clear owing's
  5. Clear owing's completely? (Usually Y)
  6. Enter, Enter, F12
  7. Do you wish to: Re-submit, Re-send, Neither, - 1. Re-submit
  8. F11 End Edit.

BUT If the "Do you wish to...."  message does NOT come up, it is a sign that the dispensing is a repeat offender. Make a note of its number and manually include it in the next claim batch, making sure it comes in with a status if Resubmit. (F4 Status can be used to change it to Re-submit if necessary.)