Why would I use one?

A medicine Sundry label can be useful to 

  • Add to extra generic information about the medicine administration for a patient, e.g. paracetemol child weight/dosage table
  • Add administrative information e.g " This medicine not normally stocked, please give 24hrs notice so medicine can be ordered in" (see option below to print label only with owe supplies)

Create and Attach a label to a medicine 

  • Select the medicine, e.g ‘CHAMPIX [STARTER], 

  • F2 Edit Medicine, F11, F11.

  • Search and select label required
  • If the required sundry label is not setup already, Escape back to script entry screen
    press F6 then New F3 , create and Save.
    The label can be viewed and edited using F6.

  • Consider setting up another label for other Champix packs (reinforce the 12 week treatment period).

2) Sundry label Options - 

F2 Edit Medicine, F11, F11.

What happens when medicine is dispensed?  
No tick boxes set
Sundry label always prints – except on owe supplies.
Prompt Always
Program always prompts to print/don't print
Prompt Once
Program prompts to print/don't print the first time a patient gets this medicine. On subsequent dispensings there is no prompt and no label            
Print with owe supply
Prints when owes supplied. (If label ONLY needed on owe supplies tick Prompt Once as well).

3) Dispensing - The screen shows that a medicine has a sundry label attached to it

After accepting the RX (F12) but before going onto the next items (F12) it is possible to use F10 other to stop the sundry label printing (S No Sundry Label)