How to find products associated to the wrong Std Pricelist?

‘Std Pricelist’ on each product enables the Std Cost and RRP to be updated via that particular Toniq Pricelist.

If a product has a ‘Std Pricelist’ but it is for a pricelist from which the product is no longer available, costs cannot be updated and you should re-associate it with a current pricelist instead.

  1. Make sure all your current pricelists are up to date before completing this task.
  2. Print a Pricelists report: [Reports], 4 [Audit/Utility], 3 [General], 7 [Pricelists], 1 [Sort by Alpha], F12 [Print]

  3. Find the products with an incorrect Std Pricelist and clear this field

  • Stock Control, 3 Stock Maintenance, 1 Maintain Products in bulk

  • In the ‘Std Pricelist’ field select the first pricelist on your report
  • Optional: Tick "Incl Hidden"
    NB: This will generate a larger list so these ‘Include Hidden’ could be completed as a secondary task later if preferred
  • Press F12 [Accept Details] to generate list
  • Now press F2 [Edit List] then [Remove Items in Bulk]
  • In the ‘On Pricelist’ field select the SAME pricelist as above
  • Optional: Tick "Incl. Hidden" if selected above
  • Press F12 [Accept Details] to refresh the list
  • Press F6 [Set Prices], 0 [Std Pricelist], leave the field blank, F12 [Accept Details] twice then Y to the Change Products prompt
  • Complete this process for each of the pricelists on your list
  1. Re-associate products that could have a current Std Pricelist

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